GTA 5: Spaceship Parts Guide – Locations 26 – 50

Hello everyone and welcome to Twinstickgaming. If you’ve accidentally come too far in our guide to find all of those elusive GTA 5 Spaceship Parts, then click here to start from locations 1 – 26. If not – lets continue searching for the precise location of the Alien Spaceship Parts 26-50.

In GTA 5 you’ll meet a hippy in Sandy Shores (he’s one of Franklin’s Strangers and Freaks Missions). This hippy will entrust you with the task of finding 50 Alien Spaceship Parts.

Once again here is the full map for reference should you need it.

26) Vinewood Hills, Galileo Observatory

NIce and easy. Head to the observatory northwest of Lake Vinewood. When facing the entrance there are two sets of stairs either side of the building. Once you reach the rooftop there are two telescope domes either side (a very symmetrical building). You need to be at the dome furthest east. Look near the base of it to collect Spaceship Part number 26.

27) Banham Canyon

Follow the location on the map to find this house in the hills. On their telescope pad near the cliff face is Alien Spaceship Part number 27

28) San Chianski Mountains, South Range

Far south of the quarry near Bail Bond Mission 1 and roughly south east of the windmill farm is a small beach with a water filled cave. In the cave head to the far right and swim underwater. Spaceship Part number 28.

You should also note; on a small piece of land, inside the cave, is a letter scrap – as well as a grenade launcher under the water.

29) Grand Senora Desert, Mount Hann Road.

A little tricky to spot. Head south/south west of the Redwood Lights Track. Here you will spot a winding dirt road, which descends. Approximately in the middle of one of the winding dirt roads is a small cliff face. At the base is Spaceship Part Number 29.

30) Tongva Hills, Marlowe Vineyard

Head to Tongva Hills, towards the Marlowe Vineyard. Hear you will see fields of grapes. Look for a red and white tower and head to the field opposite. Now you need to proceed to the grape field adjacent to this one. Listen carefully for the humming sound and in row four of the grape vines is Alien Spaceship Part number 30.

31)Tongva Valley, Zancudo Barranca

Not far from piece 30, head to a bridge east of that location. Head under the bridge and you’ll see a waterfall at it’s base. Swim under the waterfall and collect Spaceship Part Number 31.

32) Grand Senora Desert, Alien Enthusiast’s Backyard

Head east again, approximately southwest of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Here you’ll see a trailer pack/ranch with a sign saying “Welcome”. Head to the Alien sightseers to bag yourself Alien Spaceship Part number 32.

33) Great Chaparral, Abandoned Shack

Head west from piece 32. You’ll see a large empty barn and adjacent from that is an abandoned shack. Behind the shack is Alien Spaceship Part 33.

34) Harmony, Grand Senora Desert.

North of Route 68 and west of the runway (where you can do drug runs) is a trailer pack with a boat. On one side of the boat is Spaceship Part number 34.

35) Grand Senora Desert, Route 68

Head to the big Satellite dishes not far from where you first unlock Trevor, in Sandy Shores. On the furthest west Satellite head up the steps and you’ll find Alien Spaceship Part Number 35.

36) Zancudo River, Near Great Chaparral

Head towards the location marked on the map and you’ll encounter a wooden bridge. Underneath the bridge is Alien Spaceship Part Number 36

37) Zancudo River, Near Alamo Sea

Follow the river north from Alien Part number 36 and just before you encounter the large bridge, search the area. Look out for a tiny nook or alcove (refer to pic) to collect Alien Spaceship Part number 37.

38) Sandy Shores Rock Formation

Head to the area on the map and you’ll see a rock formation. Head to the biggest rock to retrieve Alien Spaceship Part number 38.

39) Mount Josiah Rock Face

PLEASE FOLLOW THE PICTURES CAREFULLY. This one is very difficult to find and I recommend using a helicopter or dirt vehicle to climb up the mountain.

Most of Mount Josiah looks the same but if you look at my map you will see I have marked two large Gas Tankers, with a circle. If you are facing those tankers from approximately the same view as the picture shows (step 1 pic), turn 90 degrees to your left. You’ll have to climb a few sections but you’ll come across a mountain part with about 3 ledges (step 2 pic). Perched on one of those ledges is Alien Spaceship Part number 39 (listen out for the humming sound in case you get lost).

40) Sandy Shores, Beam Me Up Park

You’ve probably come across this park many times so this one is easy to find. Head to the hill with the word “SAVE” written in big letters. On top of that hill is Alien Spaceship Part number 40.

41) Alamo Sea, Sandy Shores Bay

Head to the bay/small dock in Sandy Shores. Make note of the pillars that stick out of the water. Head to the set of posts furthest East and face north towards Mount Chiliad. Swim out to see and head underwater. Amongst the mirky waters you’ll see the bright glow of Alien Spaceship Part number 41.

42) Cassidy Creek, Calafia Bridge

I suggest getting on a boat for this one rather than using a helicopter, as there are hardly any places to land and the current is strong out there – so swimming in your trunks is not advised.

Easy one to spot just head out to the bridge and you’ll notice a small rock island just underneath. Say hello to Alien Spaceship Part Number 42.

43) San Chianski Mountain Range, Cape Catfish

Drive ( or fly) far North East to a bay called Cape Catfish. You’ll see a bunch of shacks and a boathouse. Inside the boathouse is Alien Spaceship Part number 43.

44) Cassidy Creek, Great Ocean Highway

This can be one of the hardest to grab. If you are amazing at precision parachuting, this will be easy. However, if like me you don’t have a head for heights, it is still possible to grab this elusive piece with a helicopter (although fellow writer Digital Gonzo may disagree with me).

Head to Cassidy Creek and look for the Highway Bridge. Under (but still on) the bridge is the Spaceship Part perched between two girders/posts. With a small helicopter is it possible to line up between these posts and rest the helicopter on the ledge. The helicopter blades will begin to hit the posts and the helicopter will get knocked back. However, with the shoulder buttons you may be able to turn the helicopter slightly so that your door is facing the ledge. Quickly jump out and look all heroic as you land on the perch with your helicopter going up in flames on the ground below. Now pick up that well earned Alien Spaceship Part number 44. Now….how do you get down?

45) Grapeseed, Cow Farm

Head out to the Cow Farm in Grapeseed. In the very middle of two rows of shacks is Alien Spaceship Part number 45.

46) Paleto Beach, Island Landmass

Head to Paleto Beach and look for a small island very close to the beach. Climb to the top and look under the tree for Alien Spaceship Part number 46.

47) Mount Chiliad Cannabis Farm

This one is tucked out of the way on the far eastern side of Mount Chiliad. Head to Highway 1 and there is a side road to take that leads to the Cannabis Farm. If you have not been there before the locals may warn you off their property before opening fire. If you clear them out you’ll earn money for doing so. Look for the barn at the very back of the farm and enter. Collect yourself Alien Spaceship Part number 47.

48) Paleto Forest, Highway 1

Head northwest to the highway near Paleto Forest. Look for some drainage and you come across a tunnel/footbridge with a log stretched across it. Look under the bridge for Alien Spaceship Part number 48.

49) Paleto Bay, Fire Training House

Not far from Alien piece 48. Follow Highway 1 all the way to a small town at Paleto bay. Behind Ammunation is a fire house. On the Third Floor, hidden in an open window/doorway is Alien Spaceship Part number 49.

50) Paleto Bay, Donkey Punch Family Farm

And now the end is near. Head to the wonderfully named Donkey Punch farm far north and just off Highway 1. Look for a large barn with the words “Zancudo Grain Growers” written on the side. On the floor in the middle of the barn is the last Spaceship Part – Number 50.

Once that is collected pat yourself on the back and head to the icon “0″ marked on your map and speak to the hippy known as Omega to claim you prize, which is the BF Dune Buggy. REMEMBER TO PARK IT IN YOUR GARAGE TO SAVE IT.

To view Alien Spaceship Part Locations 1-25 click here.

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28 Comments on “GTA 5: Spaceship Parts Guide – Locations 26 – 50”

  1. DonLevano October 24, 2013 at 2:45 PM #

    Thanks, great guide! Just to let people know, for part 44, I was able to land my helicopter (buzzard) right next to the part, pick it up and fly away with no problem… No need to parachute

    • sonatine23 October 24, 2013 at 2:53 PM #

      I am impressed. Not sure how you managed to land the Helicopter on the small perch but it does look possible, if not incredibly difficult. My fellow writer Digital Gonzo had real trouble getting this one and was very annoyed with me when I collected it on my second attempt.

      Thanks for the tip. We have other guides on GTA 5 linked at the bottom of this article should you need them. Thanks for the support DonLevano

    • Elisabeth Marr January 27, 2014 at 7:14 PM #

      my husband also landed it on his second try considering hes horrible with a chopper im impressed

  2. JJ November 15, 2013 at 10:44 PM #

    Great guide! Just thought i’d show my appreciation given the work that went into this, thank you!

    • sonatine23 November 15, 2013 at 10:49 PM #

      Glad you found the guide helpful and thank you for the appreciation.

  3. Bonnie December 1, 2013 at 9:10 PM #

    for number 44 if you activate the super jump cheat (leftX2, YX2, RightX2, left, right, X, RB, RT) hold X for a high jump and jump from the ground to the side closest to the sea. if you land it you can just walk up to grab it

  4. Bloggy December 6, 2013 at 3:47 PM #

    Thanks for the guide don’t think I would of ever found all the parts with out it great job.

  5. Tim February 18, 2014 at 2:01 AM #

    Guide was very helpful, thanks. For #44 I was able to get a Frogger to land, couldn’t find a Buzzard. Going in forward the skids will snag and tip you back, causing you to fly out, but I jumped out right before that happened, the Frogger ended up stopping and stuck there without falling.

  6. paul April 19, 2014 at 2:48 PM #

    Good guide although has one major flaw u send us pillar to post to get the part,one min I’m in l.s then blaine county then back to l.s then back to blaine county area so the only fault I pick with this guide is the order u have put them in, could have made it so was less distance to travel

    • Elver April 20, 2014 at 10:30 PM #

      This is exactly the same “flaw” i found too. .but since I used the heli for all of these travel time wasn’t that bad. For 44 I also landed the heli (the one with machine guns and missiles) right between the pillars. .except that it was already banged so by the time I came out of it, the blades were already stripped.. no choice but to destroy it and base jumped off the bridge.


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